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is a Pioneer Again!

By Wendy Simons  

...Every now and then we have to be proud of our state. Nevadans remain a group of independent thinkers who are willing to step forward and chart a course, set examples and lead the way for others to follow. The most recent example of “Nevada Pioneers” is in the health care industry. A requirement was passed by the Board of Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators (BELTCA), effective July 1st of this year, for all new Residential Care Facility/Assisted Living Administrator candidates to complete an Administrator in Training (AIT) course of 40 hours.  We must remain aware that

...Nevada was the first state in the nation several years back to require RCF/AL administrators to take a national exam to qualify them as administrators. This new AIT program is in addition to the national testing process and our state is among the first in the nation to create such a mandate.  

...During the months of June and July, 2007, several training programs have been conducted to prepare qualified licensed administrators to serve as mentors/preceptors for the new AIT candidates. The ultimate goal is to have the new administrators be better prepared to assume the leadership role in our facilities statewide. The National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long Term Care Administrators is strongly supporting that each state step up to the plate and initiate such a program for the RCF/AL industry.

...New administrators will be better prepared to manage the multiple components of the facilities in these learning areas: Administration, Human Resources, Personal Services-Resident Care, Personal Services-Activities, Business Office/Finance, Dietary, Housekeeping/Laundry , and Maintenance/Environmental Management. The ultimate benefit will be for the residents who reside in the over 380+ facilities statewide.

...Why is Nevada such a pioneer? Believe it or not, Nevada was one of the first states nationwide to have facility licensure requirements dating back to 1955. In 1990 only 21 states had such regulatory requirements, now all have some form of regulatory authority. 

...It’s in our heritage to be proactive for quality issues for our seniors. The legacy continues, and let’s encourage it to remain that way. After all, if not for the pioneer spirit, the west might not be Nevada .

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