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 “Roses, Daisy’s and Dandelions”

By Wendy Simons  

...Every person in business these days is talking about the diminishing availability of quality individuals in the workforce. This is increasingly evident in the health care sector.

...Each day we hear of nursing shortages, physician shortages and of course, front line caregiver shortages.
As an employer for over 35 years, I hold the belief that in any employment sector, recruitment, training, retention and recruitment of those you’ve retained are the critical elements of a successful business. Even more so in health care, since the ability to relate to the emotional needs of those accessing our health care systems as well as the knowledge and empathy required to provide care and services to those individuals requires one be selective in the hiring process.

...That now brings me to the “Roses, Daisy’s and Dandelions”.  In developing the workforce it has become evident to me that we have three flower types in our staff bouquet.

“Roses” are the individuals who appeal to your company’s values. They are professional and attractive in their demeanor, they can be slow to bloom but when they do, they are spectacular and individualistic, and last but not least they can be a bit thorny when challenging your ideas or directions.   Properly nurtured, cultivated, fertilized with wisdom and leadership, they become the mainstay of your business and the leaders of your teams. Each year they have the potential to grow and blossom into outstanding models of your company philosophy and mission. However, not properly trimmed, tuned and cultivated, they can wither and die full of disease and apathy. They need to shine and be developed, as well as encouraged to higher levels of responsibility.

...“Daisy’s” are the complement to any bouquet. Ever lasting, ever steady in their work habits, but not wanting to be the leaders, they complete tasks, arrive on time and stay the course set by leadership. They are willing to take on assignments and complete them as directed. They need to understand the vision of the employer and remain dedicated to those they serve. They are the balance in the workforce, and ask only to be properly acknowledged and appreciated.

...“Dandelions” could be Daisy’s in disguise, and if cultivated may surprise you. However, if not truly capable of becoming Daisy’s, they often become the demoralizers of the workforce. If successful in taking over, they eventually can undermine even the best workers in a business with negativity, complaints and general bad attitudes and work ethics. This is the biggest employer challenge, to identify what these potential employees might turn into. I often consider these employees the ones hired out of desperation rather than by plan in hopes that they might change.

...All in all, if we think of our employees and workforce as potential bouquets, we can pick and choose how to arrange them to best complement our commitment to serving our seniors. We can attract and select individuals who truly want to be part of that “Roses, Daisy’s and ……” team.

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