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......Wenette ( Wendy) Simons .

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Second-generation long-term care provider.  Margaret Von Fluee (mother) developed the first residential care home in the state of Nevada in 1948.  Born and raised in the “old folks home” and have been an active participant in residential senior care facilities since childhood. Became administrator of three facilities in 1972 upon graduating from University of Nevada at Reno with a BS in Education and a member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority.

Skills and Knowledge:

Developed and operated Assisted Living Facilities of various sizes
Designed concepts for the aging
Developed employee recruitment, retention, training and programming 
Implemented marketing and community relations activities
Formulated and implemented client relationship strategies
Formulated and presented numerous public speaking engagements and seminars nationally and locally
Served as an expert witness in court cases for senior care
Contributed as a lobbyist for Residential Care/Assisted Living industry
Authored numerous publications, training programs and articles
Served as a reviewer for aging programs grants for Division of Aging Services
Adjunct Faculty for UNR Sanford Center for Aging
Consultant/faculty for Nevada Geriatric Education Center, UNR School of Medicine

Administrator Positions:

1992- 4/2007    Active Licensed Administrator/Partner of Park Place Assisted Living
                            Author/facilitator of 30 course training program for Park Place staff
1991-2007       General partner and co-developer of Park Place Assisted Living in Reno.
                           This is a 60 resident assisted living neighborhood with a unique prototype design
1987-1991       Administrator/owner of Elderkin Residential Care Home
1972-1992       Administrator/owner of Mar-Von Homes, Residential Care facilities

Positions and Honors:

2007               Adjunct Faculty for the Sanford Center for Aging, University of Nevada.
2007               Facilitator for Nevada Geriatric Education Center, School of Medicine,
                         Administrator in Training, Trainer Program under contract from Board of
                         Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators
2006              Member of the workgroup for the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy to draft
                         Regulation’s regarding packaging of medications for residents in care facilities
2006-2007      Member of the Nevada Geriatric Center Advisory Board
2005                 Task Force Committee member for the new State Fingerprinting Program
2005                 Committee member developing the Regulations under the NRS 449 Statutes for
...                        Home Care Agencies
2005               Member of the Safe Advocates for Elders Advisory Board
2005               Worked with Bureau of Licensure and Certification, Department of Health and
                         ..Human Services, Division of Aging Services, Nevada State Welfare Division,
                         ..private industry and the  legislature to pass AB 326, creating regulatory
                         ..requirements for licensing and regulation of home care agencies. Point-person
                         ..on the hearings through the Legislature on this bill
2003-Present  Member of the Rotary Club of Reno. Board Member 2007-2008
2003-2006      Member of the Commission on Aging ,appointed by Governor Guinn
2000-2001      Vice-President of the Senior Coalition of Northern Nevada
2000-2007      Division of Aging Services, ILG Grant reviewer
2000-2002      Member of the Alzheimer’s Association of Northern Nevada, Public Policy Committee
2001-Present .Member and past Chair of the Coalition of Assisted Residential Environments
2001-Present  Co-Chairman of the Assisted Living Advisory Council (ALAC) of the Bureau
                         of Licensure and Certification, State of Nevada Health Division
2001-2003      Member of the Center for Cognitive Aging Advisory Board, UNR Medical School
2000-Present .Member of the Reno Rodeo Association and Miss Reno Rodeo.
2000-Present..Reno Rodeo Pageant Production Director 2001,2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 2001
.. ................... ..Author of SB 74, defining Assisted Living in the NRS 449 Statutes and
                         introduced by Senator Raggio during the  Legislative Session. (This bill passed)
1999-2002      Chairman of the University of Nevada’s Sanford Center for Aging Community     
                         Advisory Board at the University of Nevada, Reno
1998-2001      Member of the Nevada State Attorney General’s Elder Abuse Task Force under
                        .Frankie Sue Del Papa
1999 & 2000   Expert witness for the State of Nevada Attorney General’s office on
                         Assisted Living Industry Standards.
1996-1982      Lecturer at the University of Nevada-Reno in the Animal Science Department.
1990-1993      Founding member of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) and past    
                        .executive committee member 3 years
1997-1999      Member of the National Administrator’s Board (NAB) Pass Point Committee for the
                         National Administrators Exam for 3 years and in 2006/2007.
1999-2001      Author and instructor of the Park Place Medication Assistance training program for  
                         caregivers: Approved by the Nevada State health Division, Bureau of Licensure  
                         and Certification. Taught this class in Northern Nevada and Las Vegas to over 300
1997              Created a joint venture seminar with the Nevada State Health Division’s,
                         Bureau of Licensure and Certification on the subject of the new state
                         Regulations which were adopted.
1992-Present  Member of the Executives Association of Reno  and President in
1997              ..Executive of the year in 1998
1986-1992.   ..Past officer of the Nevada Adult Care Association of Nevada and Legislative  
                         Representative/informal lobbyist for the association at the Nevada State    
                        .Legislature. Producer and host of KOLO TV’s “Senior Scope”


2007              Presenter for Nevada Division of Forestry Conference- “ Surviving Caregiving”,
                        October 17, Grand Sierra Resort
2007              Presenter for Coalition of Residential Care Environments-“Activity Programming”,
                        October 17, Carson Valley
2007              Trainer for the NGEC/BELTCA “Train the Mentor” program for new AIT program
                        June 18,19 and July 23,24
2007              Speaker in Nevada State Division of Aging Services-“The Competent Caregiver”
                        conference, June 28, subject- “You Want Me To Eat What?” Dietary issues in                 
........................ Assisted Living Facilities
2007              Speaker California Association of Long Term Care Medicine Conference, Long
                         Beach June 23, 24, “Assisted Living, ‘Birth, Development, Teen Years,            
                         Adulthood’ in Transitions in Care”, and “Our Most Difficult Cases”
2006              Keynote opening speaker for the Alzheimer’s Association Conference in May on
                        Relationships in health care
2006              Presenter for the Safe Advocates for Elders (SAFE) program of court appointed
                        advocates for seniors, 2001,2002,2003,2004, 2005 and 2006. “Building   
                        Relationships with Family Members and Discharge Planners
2005              Presenter at the Alzheimer’s Association of Northern Nevada Conference, May,
                        “Cookies to Crisis- Relationships”
2005              Presenter at the Elder College Spring on Options for Care in the community.
2005              Featured guest on TV program for City of Reno, “Elder Abuse” issues.
2004.             Presenter for two programs for the Nevada Geriatric Education Center/Bureau of
                         Licensure Certification workshops in Reno and Las Vegas, October
2003              Presenter for the SAVE training program, “Understanding Assisted Living”
2003              Presenter at the Coalition of Assisted Residential Environments Workshop, April
2002              Presenter on “End of Life”  panel, KNPB Channel 5, April 24
2002              Presenter at Division of Aging Services Caregiver Training, June 18, on the subject
               ..        of “Medication Documentation”.
2001              Panel presenter for Assisted Living Federation of America, April
                    ..   Convention, on the subject of “Quality Assurance and Client Satisfaction”
2001              Presenter on a panel regarding Assisted Living at the Chicago meeting of the  
                      .. American Geriatrics Society. “Opportunities and Pitfalls for the Primary Care
                      .. Provider”
2001              Presenter of 3 hour Video Taped Seminar for Nevada Geriatric Center and the
                      .. Sanford Center for Aging (UNR) “In or Out” , Proper Admission, Retention and
                      .. Discharge of Assisted Living Residents. (This seminar was presented in both   
                      .. Reno and Las Vegas  and will be a training tape for future seminars.)
2001- 2003     Instructor for Nevada Division of Aging Services on “Medication
                      .. Management” and “Resident Assessment, Retention & Discharge”
2000& 2001    Presenter for the Nevada Geriatric Education Center, University of Nevada Medical     
                      .. School, on the subject of “Resident Assessment and Client Retention”
2000.             Instructor in the Nevada State Division of Aging Services, Caregiver Workshop in  
                      .. May on the subject of “Documentation in Assisted Living Facilities”
2000              Presenter as “Elmeretta Higgins” at the UNR Medical School with Dr.
                      .. Phillips with Medical Students on the subject of patient intake information,
2000              Organizer and facilitator of “Rap with the Regulators” a seminar for
                      .. providers and regulators
1995              Luncheon Keynote speaker at ALFA University during the conference in
                      .. Reno; “ How to Deliver What We Promise”
1992-2005      Presenter in numerous provider workshops and seminars for Washoe
                      .. Medical Center, Saint Mary’s hospital, Classic Residence by Hyatt, Nevada
                      .. Geriatric Education Center
1997              Presented on the topic of “Resident Admission Assessment and Regulatory
                        Compliance” Nevada Adult Care Association


1999-Present  Contributing writer to “Senior Spectrum” magazine and website (Please check
..................     .. Website for articles.)
2007               “Roses, Daisy’s Dandelions”  An overview of the workforce, Senior Spectrum, June
2007              “Transitions in Care” Discussion of CALTCM findings, Senior Spectrum, July
2007              “Nevada’s a Pioneer Again”  Discussion of regulations, Senior Spectrum, August
2000              Contributing writer to “Assisted Living Today”, (April) “A Wake-Up Call”
1999              “Assisted Living Guidelines” A worksheet for family members 

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