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About Wendy and contact information


  Products Wendy Simons Consulting can provide are:

  • State Survey Preparation and Compliance Consulting.

          * Mock Survey Review.

  • Government Relations Consulting.

  • Tutorial on Navigating Nevada Regulations and Law.

  • Assisted Living Facility Development and Operation.

  • Statement of Deficiencies Response and Plan of Correction Elements.

  • Staff Training for Compliance and Successful Surveys.

In addition the following Seminars are available

  Seminar Topics:

         "Medication Management" in Assisted Living Facilities/ RCF’s (State Program)

         “In or Out” - Admissions and Discharges

         “Roses, Daisy’s and Dandelions”- Employee Recruitment, Retention and Training.

         “Surviving Paperwork” - Documentation and Records

         “How to Deliver What We Promise” - Building Client Relations

         “Am I Old Yet?” - Aging Sensitivity

         “Opportunities and Pitfalls of Assisted Living”

         “House Calls” - Partnering with the Physician

         “You Need What?” - Assisting with Personal Care for the Senior

         “The Secrets You Can’t Tell” - HIPAA

         “How Bad Are Those Bugs?" - Preventing Disease Transmission

         “Up or Down” - Resident Transfer Assistance

         “What Next?” - Issue Problem Solving for Staff

         “SUV’s in Long Term Care” - Overview of Assisted Living

         “Preserving Your Sanity” - Caring for an Aging Relative

         “Cookies to Crisis” - Relationships in Healthcare Systems

         “You Want Me to Eat What?” - Food Service and Meal Preparation

         “I Can’t Beat Granny?” - Elder Abuse

         “Who’s Reality Is It?” - Validation Training for Caregivers

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