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Wendy has offered a comprehensive training program for assisted living for over 20 years. Currently her primary effort for 2013-2014 is developing an educational series for the Nevada Health Care Association’s, Nevada Center for Assisted Living. This series is called “Quality Counts”.

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Wendy Simons Consulting:

Workshop Titles:

Care Giving 101 - "The Most Important Subjects You Should Know." (General  Information)

.        .Resident Transfer Assistance & Lifting - An overview of how to lift properly, assist with mobility and transfer techniques. Class includes assessment of falls and when not to move a resident.

.        .Universal Precautions - Prevention of disease transmission through proper caution and techniques.

.        .Personal Care Assistance

Part 1.  Assistance with Oral Care (dentures), Hearing aides, Nails, Hair and personal hygiene items.

Part 2.  Dressing, Shower assistance, and Privacy issues.

.Vitals and Monitoring Health Issues - How to take “TPR”, temperature, pulse and respiration as well as blood pressures and to learn what is normal and abnormal. Class includes what regulations allow you to do and what is not allowed.

.        Paperwork and documentation - How to complete incident reports, resident daily charts, regulatory requirements and other forms of documentation for a smooth operation.

.        Meal Serving - Proper methods of meal serving and other dietary and nutrition topics.

.        Medication Actions and Side Effects - A listing and summary of classifications of medications, their actions and potential side-effects. Also includes vitamins and supplements. Discussion of how medications work in the elderly.

Validation and Confused Residents - Understanding the confused/demented resident and methods of managing their behaviors through validation techniques.

.Fire Evacuation Training - The fire drill protocols and evacuation techniques, drill and procedures.

..       Oxygen Equipment Training - An overview of resident Oxygen equipment including concentrators, portable tanks and regulators and how to adjust the equipment and settings.

.        .Aging Changes and Sensitivity Training - A hands on class utilizing tools to understand the aging process and it’s limitations.

.        “What Next” Problem Solving - A game of different care giving and staff issues. Played as a team to come up with solutions to specific situations.

.        .Elder Abuse Prevention - An overview of the laws protecting seniors from abuse, neglect and/or exploitation and discussion of the role of staff in assuring this does not occur in our population.

..       Special Needs Training - How to manage catheters, NPPB equipment, wounds, etc. within regulatory guidelines.

.        .Recognizing Emergencies - When to call 911 vs. management and how to identify what is an emergency. Discussion of DNR law.

.        Diabetic Care Issues and Management - How to assist residents with the use of glucose monitoring equipment, insulin and diet monitoring.  Staff responsibilities and limitations.

.        .HIPPA Compliance - Training in the Health Information Portability Privacy Act and the confidential nature of resident information and records.

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